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The Miamisburg City School District March Student of the Month is Mark Twain Elementary School third grader Ava Duffee. Ava was chosen by her teacher Mike McCormick for best exhibiting March's feature asset # 32 - Planning and Decision Making. Mr. McCormick said "The Mark Twain Student of the Month is Ava Duffee. Always doing her best, Ava knows how to plan ahead when entering any classroom setting. Her planner, desk, and work area is always neat, organized and in an orderly fashion. She pays attention to detail, is respectful to others, and an asset to all other students.
Not only is she a great student, but Ava is hardworking, dedicated, and always striving for excellence. She even does her homework on the 45 minute drive to and from her cheer/dance team during the week. She is socially accepting of all students and helps out anyone who may be in need of extra help. She is always on task and practices the “Golden Rule” when working in small groups, hallways, riding the bus and on the playground. Finally, she always plans ahead for any assignment and project that may be due. These examples portray the conscious effort she puts into planning ahead and making good choices. This is why we have nominated Ava Duffee, as Student of the Month for Mark Twain Elementary.
In her free time Ava participates in many after-school activities. Her favorite is cheerleading. She cheers for two teams. The All-star team is Midwest Cheer Elite. She spends four hours a week doing team practice for her team The Wondercats. She also takes a Layout tumbling class at Midwest. This sport lasts all year long. Her other team is Miamisburg's competition team MCA. She has made some great friends on this team and loves supporting school cheer. Another thing Ava does during the school year is Girl Scouts. She is has been in Girl Scout since Kindergarten and is currently a Brownie. Another activity Ava enjoys is Softball. She has played every year starting in Ragball and is currently is Girls Pitch. Congratulations to Ava Duffee!
Congratulations to all our building students of the month. All the winners can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of this page.


The Miamisburg City School District has an excellent staff. We want to recognize our staff's everyday accomplishments. Employees nominate a staff member who exemplify 40 Assets by supporting the healthy development of our students or a staff member who demonstrates Best Practices. Selected staff members are recognized at a board meeting, on this website, on the District calendar or in the Viking Voice. Throughout this school year, our community will be able to read about some of the things our staff do to "Make A Difference". Visit this site often to see our 2014-15 recipients.

Our most recent honorees include: Bear and Kinder Counselor Monique Hobbs (nominated by Ron Snell and Nancy Greggerson); Mark Twain Aide Ann Kniess (nominated by Lindsey Escobar and Shannon Lintner; and District IT John Lay (nominated by Molly Mahoney). Thank you to all of our honorees for everything that they do for the Miamisburg City School District!

John Lay  
Ann Kniess Monique Hobbs

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BurgSchools Thank you to Barbara Myers for her donation to the MHS Sports Complex! #CampusQuest
BurgSchools Thank you to Loretta Harris for her donation to the MHS Sports Complex! #CampusQuest
BurgSchools Thank you to Phyllis Gephart for her donation to the MHS Sports Complex in memory of Raymond E. "Muggs" Gephart! #CampusQuest
BurgSchools Thank you to the Weaver and Gallo Families for their donation to the MHS Sports Complex! #CampusQuest
BurgSchools Thank you to Darrell & Debra Cook for their donation to the MHS Sports Complex! #CampusQuest

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Mar. Students of the Month

  • Ava Duffee

    Ava Duffee - Mark Twain

  • Belle Atkins

    Belle Atkins - Bauer

  • Isabelle England

    Isabelle England - Bear

  • Ella Hosler

    Ella Hosler - JCE

  • Lucas Webb

    Lucas Webb - Kinder

  • Addison Harold

    Addison Harold - Medlar View

  • Jennifer Rinderle

    Jennifer Rinderle

  • Leah Amsler

    Leah Amsler - MMS

  • Sarah Junker

    Sarah Junker - MHS

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The mission of the Miamisburg City School District is to unite the school community in nurturing success through:
  • a sense of belonging
  • a meaningful and applicable, quality education
  • a commitment to lifelong learning
  • an attitude of respect and tolerance towards diversity
...all within a positive learning environment.


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