• Bauer Elementary
    Bauer Elementary
  • Bear Elementary
    Bear Elementary
  • Jane Chance Elementary
    Jane Chance Elementary
  • Kinder Elementary
    Kinder Elementary
  • Mark Twain Elementary
    Mark Twain Elementary
  • Medlar View Elementary
    Medlar View Elementary
  • Mound Elementary
    Mound Elementary
  • Miamisburg Middle School
    Miamisburg Middle School
  • Miamisburg High School
    Miamisburg High School
  • Maddux-Lang Primary
    Maddux-Lang Primary

District Calendar

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The Miamisburg City School District has an excellent staff. We want to recognize our staff's everyday accomplishments. Employees nominate a staff member who exemplify 40 Assets by supporting the healthy development of our students or a staff member who demonstrates Best Practices. Selected staff members are recognized at a board meeting, on this website, on the District calendar or in the Viking Voice. Throughout this school year, our community will be able to read about some of the things our staff do to "Make A Difference". Visit this site often to see our 2015-16 recipients.

The latest 2015-16 "Making A Difference" winners are Dustin Wade (Central Office/Kinder/Student Services custodian nominated by Central Office Staff), Gleda Byrge (Bear aide nominated by Bear Staff), Debbie Carmichael (Mound Media Center Parprofessional nominated by Robyn Collins); Maggie Critchfield (MMS teacher nominated by team 8); Bill Issenmann (JCE custodian nominated by Mark Twain staff), Tammy Lentz (Bear aide nominated by Molly Mahoney); Jen Noble (Mark Twain teacher nominated by Lora Becker-Jenks), Cathy Williams (Kinder aide nominated by Sandy Saunders & Lisa Walker), Lisa Walker (Kinder teacher nominated by Pat Mayhew), Brenda Hibberd (Central Office Administrative Assistant nominated by Heather Wright), Angie Donisi (Kinder teacher nominated by Holly Dueser and Jeremy Saylor and Austin Downing and Zack Cline (MMS teachers nominated by Sommer Mastronardi).
Dustin Wade (center) Gleda Byrge (center)  
Debbie Carmichael (left) Maggie Critchfield (center)  
Bill Issenmann Tammy Lentz (right)  
Jen Noble Doug Shade  
Cathy Williams (center) Lisa Walker (left)  
Brenda Hibberd (right) Angie Donisi (center)  
Austin Downing Zack Cline  
Michele Leber (left) Kelly Kinsey (right)  
Melissa Wurst (center) Chris House (left)  
Lew Ogan (left) Missy Mitchell (left)  

Twitter Updates

BurgSchools Tonight's Miamisburg Schools Board Meeting has been rescheduled for Thurs, June 30th at 6:30 pm in the City of Miamisburg Council Chambers.
BurgSchools RT @MburgVikings: Miamisburg Merchants Association donates $1500 to Campus Quest!!! https://t.co/HXpORwL0nD
BurgSchools It's not too late to be a part of this improvement to Miamisburg Schools and our community! #miamisburg #CampusQuest https://t.co/HMCzqy5kLm

May Students of the Month

  • Brooklyn Cotton

    Brooklyn Cotton - Mark Twain

  • LaurenSchwab

    Lauren Schwab - Bauer

  • Kellen Toadvine

    Kellen Toadvine - Bear

  • Penelope Seitz

    Penelope Seitz - JCE

  • Hailey Earnhardt

    Hailey Earnhardt - Kinder

  • Aiden Gillman

    Aiden Gillman - Medlar View

  • Caroline Monnig

    Caroline Monnig - Mound

  • Emma Wyss

    Emma Wyss - MMS

  • Alissa Cook

    Alissa Cook - MHS

School Bus Schedules


The mission of the Miamisburg City School District is to unite the school community in nurturing success through:
  • a sense of belonging
  • a meaningful and applicable, quality education
  • a commitment to lifelong learning
  • an attitude of respect and tolerance towards diversity
...all within a positive learning environment.


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