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    Bear Elementary
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    Jane Chance Elementary
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    Mark Twain Elementary
  • Medlar View Elementary
    Medlar View Elementary
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May Students of the Month

  • Rebekah Coffman

    Rebekah Coffman-Mark Twain

  • Zaryah Dinkins

    Zaryah Dinkins-Bauer

  • Austen Anslinger & Zachary Coleman

    Austen Anslinger & Zachary Coleman-Bear

  • Brenna Kelly

    Brenna Kelly-JCE

  • Charlie Hayes

    Charlie Hayes-Kinder

  • Odosa Ogbebor

    Odosa Ogbebor-Medlar View

  • Mia Wineberg

    Mia Wineberg-Mound

  • Jamiyah Usher

    Jamiyah Usher

  • Fletcher Rose

    Fletcher Rose-MHS

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BurgSchools RT @CoachJaynesMHS: Great atmosphere and competition at the Findlay team camp! https://t.co/NxzqOgd6Z2

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The Miamisburg City School District has an excellent staff. We want to recognize our staff's everyday accomplishments. Employees nominate a staff member who exemplifies 40 Assets by supporting the healthy development of our students or a staff member who demonstrates Best Practices. Selected staff members are recognized at a board meeting, on this website, on the District calendar or in the Viking Voice. Throughout this school year, our community will be able to read about some of the things our staff do to "Make A Difference". The latest Making A Difference honorees for school year 2020-2021 include: MMS Student Resource Office Crystal Rankins (nominated by Tracy Barnhart), MMS PLP teachers Belinda Jovanov, Alison Sampson, Myra Downing, Stephanie Johnson, Diane Pressel; MHS teacher Amanda DiGiovanna (nominated by MHS Principal Michael Black), Bear teacher Courtney Christie and Bear Administrative Assistant Colleen Butcher (nominated by Scott Gilbert), Miamisburg Middle School Intervention Specialist Andrea Haddix (nominated by Jennifer Coppock); Bauer/Kinder ESL teacher Trisha Deck (nominated by Michele Groleski), School Nurse Melissa Junker (nominated by School Nurse Kelly Waugh, JCE car pickup staff Michelle Anspach, Angela Golembiewski, Joei Supinger, Cathy Barnes-Miller, Jessica Hoban, Sarah Hubers, and Sondra Johnson (nominated by Principal Dale Geyer), Mark Twain Principal Kelly Lee Marker (nominated by the Mark Twain staff); Kinder Elementary School teacher Sarah Pelphrey pictured with Dr. Laura Blessing (left) and Ginger Kolianos (right), Mound Principal Rebecca Huber pictured with Dr. Laura Blessing and Brittany Andrix (nominated by Brittany Andrix), Bus Driver Michael Popella pictured with his supervisor Mechael Reed (nominated by Scott Gilbert), Mound Elementary School Intervention Tutor (nominated by Mound Principal Rebecca Huber), and Nutrition Services Administrative Assistant Julie Smith, Supervisor Ravella Lawson, Transportation Administrative Assistants Jean Wartinger, Kathy Meyers and Transportation Supervisor Mechael Reed (nominated by Scott Gilbert).

Click on the picture below to read the nomination.

Dr. Laura Blessing, Crystal RankinsTracy Barnhart Jennifer Peterman, Belinda Jovanov, Alison Sampson, Myra Downing,
Stephanie Johnson, Diane Pressel
IMG 1967 image 50437889  
 Colleen Butcher, Fifth Grade Students and  Dr. Laura Blessing Karla Myers, Kevin Craig, Janet Crawford,
Dee Dee Oliver, Sheila Brogan and Michelle Amsler
Michael Black, Amanda DiGiovanna and  Dr. Laura Blessing 
IMG 1794 IMG 1812 IMG 1895
Tammy Sunderman, Michele Groleski,
Trisha Deck, Dr. Laura Blessing
 Andrea Haddix and Jennifer Coppock
 Courtney Christy, her classroom and  Dr. Laura Blessing
IMG 1528  IMG 1780  IMG 1792
Kelly Lee Marker Michelle Anspach, Angela Golembiewski,
Joei Supinger, Cathy Barnes-Miller, Jessica Hoban,
Sarah Hubers, Sondra Johnson
Katy Lucas, Kelly Waugh, Melissa Junker,
Dr. Laura Blessing
IMG 1480 IMG 1683 IMG 1517
Mechael Reed, Michael Popella  Dr. Laura Blessing, Rebecca Huber,
Brittany Andrix
Dr. Laura Blessing, Sarah Pelphrey,
Ginger Kolianos
IMG 6954 IMG 1402 IMG 1448
Glenda Mesta Julie Smith and Ravella Lawson  Jean Wartinger, Mechael Reed, Kathy Meyers
IMG 0562 IMG 0796 IMG 0812

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The Miamisburg City School District will foster a positive, nurturing, and safe environment to inspire and support ongoing learning and the development of individuals as productive members of society.


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