Miamisburg High School

1860 Belvo Rd., Msbg, OH  45342  (937) 866-0771 Fax - (937) 865-5267 
Principal - Craig Morris   Assistant Principals - Katy Lucas and Jeff Renshaw


Secretaries - Linda Jones, Sue Shock  and April Harvell  School Hours - 7:15 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.


Math Stars

What is it?
Miamisburg High School is starting a new program called Math Stars. Math Stars will be held during the lunch times and will be supervised by math teachers, Kevin Walsh and Lauren Hayhurst. In Math Stars, students may receive extra math instruction, retake quizzes/tests, complete late homework/assignments, or use the time to complete current homework/assignments. 
The Process
The teacher or guidance counselor requesting a student to attend Math Stars will make a phone call to parents notifying them about the request. The student would receive a pass requesting the student to attend Math Stars on a specified day during their lunch time. The student would take his/her lunch to the Math Stars classroom to complete the task requested by his/her teacher or guidance counselor. Students requested to attend Math Stars who choose not to attend will face consequences. 
A student may also request to attend Math Stars if he/she wishes to receive some additional instruction or additional time to complete homework/assignments during school hours. 





The mission of the Miamisburg City School District is to unite the school community in nurturing success through:
  • a sense of belonging
  • a meaningful and applicable, quality education
  • a commitment to lifelong learning
  • an attitude of respect and tolerance towards diversity
...all within a positive learning environment.


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